CAVPL Introduction

CAVPL is in the field of Professional Audio Visual Systems, Video Communication, advanced Surveillance and Monitoring systems, and Training and Teaching systems.

The Details

Cinesonic Audio Visual as a key player in the industry

Our Core Area Of Expertise Includes

SITC Of Large Venue Projection Systems :

Data Wall and Video Wall systems, outdoor Video Walls SYSTEM deployments and planning including Surviallance Systems

Professional Audio Systems :

Video Communication Systems :

including MCUs, IP Monitoring systems, Telemedicine System, Virtualization of OT projections

Smart Classroom Equipment :

Interactive Boards, Smart Podiums, Smart Pens, and integration of all these technologies with Audio video ready for smart classroom

Large Hall Solutions :

Auditorium, Board Rooms, Seminar Halls, Lecture Theatres etc

Information and Technology System :

Data center Management, Telecom Solution, Network Active and Passive solution, Boom Barrier Solutions, ,Security Management System and Security Surveillance System ,Security Audit, Process and Policy Deployment, Infrastructure Management and Man Power outsourcing, Website and Mobile App creation, Management and deployment including the Enterprises Certificate, SSL etc, Customize Application Designing

The Endorsements